Recycling line for foam scraps, fiber and textile waste

These machines are designed to develop a circular economy in home textile that not only increases sustainability and environmental protection (the three Rs of sustainability recycle-reuse-reduce), but also meets the needs of entrepreneurs who can save money in raw material purchase and disposal. By doing so, waste such as foam scraps and wadding is transformed into a new secondary raw material and used to fill cushions, armchairs, sofas, mattresses and other upholstered items.

In the first line we’ve presented our solutions to turn fiber and fabric scraps into a new material with a high level of resilience, by blending it with a minimum percentage of virgin fiber. In the same line we have included machines to recycle polyurethane waste from which you can obtain foam scraps of the desired dimensions, to fill pillows, cushions and other upholstered products.

The machines used in this line to recycle production waste are:

  • Shredding machine with conveyor belt mod. SF-200;
  • Fiber and fabric scrap opener mod. SF-300;
  • Mixer mod. MX-500 to create new blends;
  • Filling machine mod. FW-110 for recycled wadding;
  • Pre-weighing and filling system mod. MAC-300;
  • Special sewing machine mod. G164C for closing the final product.


In the second line we have presented a system for the production of rebonded foam blocks with different densities made from polyurethane waste and foam resins. The output can be used in mattresses and sofas in combination with polyurethane, memory foam, wadding, etc.

The machines presented in this line are:

  • Shredder with loading conveyor mod. SF-200;
  • Mixer mod. MX-500 to create new mixtures;
  • FA-400 to produce rebonded foam blocks.


To find out other ways to recycle polyurethane waste, discover our scrap recovery system in the polyurethane production line for mattresses and pillows.

Reduction in the amount of waste and disposal costs

Reuse of production waste to give it a new life and create high-quality products

Significant reduction in raw material and transport costs

Rethinking the way you do business while profiting and helping the planet


MX-500Raw material mixing machine
Raw material mixing machine
FW-110Semi-automatic pillow filler
Semi-automatic pillow filler
MAC-300Pillow pre-weighing filling machine
Pillow pre-weighing filling machine (3 weighing units and 1 filling station)
G164CPillow closing sewing machine
Pillow closing sewing machine
Foam scraps shredding machine
Rebonded foam making machine
Fabric/fiber waste opening machine
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