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Brighi Digital Division evolved from an in-house monitoring system for machine performance to a tool for our customers to access crucial data and track machines’ status. Our digital department now supports various functions such as line monitoring, predictive management, order planning, and recipe creation, aiming to streamline operations and improve outcomes. By empowering machines with intelligence, we strive to close the gap between the customers and our technical support, while giving them the tools to improve constantly their products and services.

software 100% made in brighi

Preventive maintenance and reporting

Simplify and plan maintenance

Get stats and forecasts organized in dashboard

Connect cameras for maintenance support

Accellerate issues resolution

Detect machines issues before they occur

Machine communication system for a fast Brighi line set up

Reduce changeover time

Set production flow in one click

Set recipes for the entire line

Manage blends scientifically

Get the full picture of your line

In-depth reporting for data driven decisions

View production data in real time

Get access to your full data history

Controll OEE, uptime and productivity

Connect it to your management systems

Store your data with the heighest safety standards

Foam chemicals blending and quality tracking system

Optimize foam formulations

Gather block production data

Share data with raw material suppliers

Track temperature, pressure, weight

Ensure foam density consistency

Production order management and planning for process improvement

Schedule and prioritize production orders

Get insights from your virtual assistant

Set and track your quality standards

Create orders in the raw material database

Share data directly with suppliers

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