Production Line for Rebonded Foam Blocks

FA-400 is a complete and efficient system for processing waste polyurethane material. The machine consists of a platform and a closed tank, inside which two chemical components (prepolymer and catalyst) are added to the processed material. The tank is equipped with an agitator system to keep the material moving to avoid crystallization. Once the material has been mixed, the doors at the base of the tank open and the product is discharged into a mould directly below the tank.

The mould is then transferred by an operator below the press unit where the pressing phase takes place. Pressing time depends on the result to be achieve. The final product is a block of flexible polyurethane foam, whose density varies according to the time set for pressing.


  • Electronic adjustments: touchscreen for all parameters and mechanical settings automatic adjustment + recipe storage with product size/settings
  • Flexibility: widest range of blocks produced. You can customize the recipe to achieve the density you desire.
  • Waste recycling: to make your productive process more efficient.
  • Reduce manufacturing costs: by replacing virgin material with recycled material.
  • High quality recycled material: thanks to the customizations offered by our software, you can obtain a quality product that does not crumble.
  • Homogeneous blending and full control of the chemical components temperature and pressure assure an even mix and therefore an outstanding density and support factor distribution across the entire block.
  • Dramatic reduction of production and storage spaces.
  • Zero cost of transport and waste disposal.

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    • FP-400


      Foam block production line (batchblock, low pressure)
    • SF-200


      Shredding machine with belt conveyor
    • MX-500


      Storage and mixing machine for loose raw materials
    • SX-400


      Storage silo for loose raw materials
    • previous machines


      later machines

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