More than ever, the basis of competition between manufacturing companies relies on applying the paradigm of Industry 4.0, where robotic automation meets artificial intelligence, generating a vast range of advantages:

increased productivity

higher precision

greater efficiency

quicker decision-making

simplified operations for workers

improved customer experience

lowered costs

All of this is possible thanks to the potential of the internet of things (IoT), which allows objects to communicate with each other and with people. Thus, in industrial environments, digitalization allows machines, connected by a network and fitted with sensors, to use data to communicate: a constant flow of information which, once analyzed and elaborated by means of specifically developed software, can be used to perfect the processes, the planning, the safety and maintenance of production in real time, optimizing performance. This concept, known as the smart factory, guides our specialized division, Brighi Digital, devoted to constantly upgrading the level of interaction and intelligence of our automated machinery   to create the most efficient link between machines, data and people.


Top level operative excellence

Our Supreme Automation Intelligence platform provides you with a truly efficient virtual production assistant who will be right by your side, every step of the way, helping you construct an integrated digital environment assuring you easy access to all the tools and resources you need to guarantee the best possible manufacturing experience.   Orders, automation flow, maintenance and statistics: all managed smoothly though a single digital platform to make sure your operations always run smoothly.  Thanks to machine learning and predictive information, making the right strategic decisions will be so much easier. Speed and accuracy will be increased, reducing downtime, costs and waste, meaning greater satisfaction for both workers and customers.

Statistics & KPls

Production & Maintenance

Master & Connect



Do More.

  • Improve your process and drive your growth
  • Manage and prioritise the jobs
  • Monitor and control the production line
  • Dynamic Preventive Maintenance
All of this from your workstation

Communication: Machine to Human
Platform: Web App/Client App
Optimisation: Tablet/Laptop

Connect the dots.

  • Master and connect the machines on the floor
  • Manage and set the production flow
  • Create and save macro recipes
  • Connect sensors and devices
All of this from your machine touchscreen

Communication: Machine to Machine
Platform: WebApp/Built-in
Optimisation: Smarthphone/Tablet/Laptop

Always next to you.

  • Connect the equipment to your database
  • Share production data and KPIs
  • Accelerate our tecnical support
Production  data analytics for quick reaction All of this your mobile device

Communication:Machine to Enterpise
Platform: Web App/Client App
Optimisation: Smartphone/Tablet/Laptop

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