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Thomson – Georgia USA
Shanghai – China
Lodz – Poland
Moscow – Russia
Quito – Ecuador
Lima – Peru


Countries in which we operate

Ideas, research, projects, experimentation: innovation has always been our driving force. Curiosity has been the main feature of our company since 1970. That’s when it all began, when the entrepreneurial spirit of our founder, Antonio Brighi, brought to life a new family-run business, destined to grow stronger with each new generation. In the 2000s, Gabriele Brighi gave the company a strong push towards internalisation and innovation by creating the concept of a completely integrated line. Alessio Brighi and Matteo Brighi, the third generation, are building on the company’s foundations, managing a complex organization with several specialized divisions dedicated to meeting all the challenges presented by technological advancements and market demands, which are always changing. Constant improvement is what guides every action undertaken by every member of our team, from the original family members to the most recently hired employees. It keeps our desire for growth burning and lights our way towards developing all kinds of opportunities together with our clients worldwide. We are committed to taking the home textile sector to a whole new level. Our proactive, holistic vision for the industry begins by researching raw materials and goes on to designing and manufacturing state-of-the-art machinery, 100% made in Italy, cutting-edge in every aspect, both in terms of hardware and software. We have been inventing and patenting products since 1978, proof of our pioneering spirit. We work every day to make our manufacturing processes more savvy and efficient. Whether we are producing pillows, decorative cushions for sofas and armchairs, for indoor or outdoor furnishing, or quilted and block polyurethane materials for mattresses, each of our products is a cut above.

The history of our logo tells the story of the evolution of the company.




Brighi Group


Past, present and future: our new logo encompasses everything we have built over time, who we are today and all we hope to become.

A distinctive icon that evokes the sector where we originally made our mark – the world of home textiles and upholstered furniture – while at the same time expressing our high-performance promise. With its clean and modern design, the new logo highlights all our strenghts: experience, advanced technology, our innovative and proactive spirit.

With these meaningful design choices, it tells the story of a company that is still going strong and is ever more verticalized after over 50 years of constant growth, a benchmark for many manufacturing needs.

Between automation and relationships, the pathway to success.

Optimizing processes, maximizing performances, highlighting quality and improving working conditions and workers’ efficiency: these are the goals we have always focused on to develop the most advanced solutions to cover every phase of the production cycle, until we managed to create completely integrated lines, the only ones on the market because we are the only ones to create such systems totally in house, paying particular attention to implementing systems of automation intelligence.

All within a context of constant communication with the client: from listening to their needs to sharing and monitoring their goals, to providing maintenance and assistance, even remotely, in an approach based on authentic partnership.

We are committed to being personally involved in the projects, with enthusiasm, professionalism and responsibility. That is why many start-ups choose us to help them start off on the right foot. They know they can count on us to focus all our expertise on helping them hit the ground running.

A single partner, plenty of synergy.

From the initial exploration of a wide range of ideas to getting down to the actual planning, from production to customer service, our company is structured into different departments, all interconnected to best follow each individual client and each unique project in every aspect, coordinated by our sales consultants and our project managers.


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