Be Twice As Productive with Cerebro. The Artificial Intelligence software able to turn your machines into a high-performance digitalized environment.



What is Cerebro?

Cerebro is an AI-powered software designed to improve equipment, digitalize factories and develop proactive management systems.
Complex algorithms process data to provide user with strategic information to predict events, plan actions and manage daily activities related to the production processes.

How can Cerebro help your business?

Predictive maintenance, production orders management, raw material quality check and much more. A platform built for manufacturers.
Keep your business moving forward by deploying AI-powered production processes and workflows based on Cerebro predictions and recommendations.
Vital parameters are continuously tracked by the system providing the user with real time status on functional health of the components and production progress of the daily jobs.
Vertically integrated production lines achieve better performances, quality and flexibility.

Main features:

  • Manage the production orders and priorities
  • Select and set production recipes through the raw material database
  • Predict breakages and downtimes
  • Schedule maintenance for the internal team or Brighi’s team
  • Track your product quality
  • Automatically manage the spare parts kit

With Cerebro:

  • Use any data to anticipate the unexpected. Easily create custom models to predict production stops, raw material change, component replacement and more — all with clicks, not words.
  • Deliver the right recommendations to operators, supervisor and managers ensure that employees always know what to do next, Increase efficiency with AI-powered advice displayed right where your employees work.
  • Boost productivity and discover relevant patterns in all your data. Find simple AI insights and recommendations to tough problems. Then, take action on your findings without ever leaving Cerebro.

How does Cerebro work?

Cerebro is a Machine to Enterprise communication system composed of an hardware appliance, installed in the production line, able to collect data from each equipment and a software able to process and make the data available to the end users.
Users can access the workstation built-in software to visualize and organize data the way they want to see it. Each user can customize dashboards, reports and diagrams and save settings for the future.
Cerebro, do more.

Who’s chosen Cerebro?

Every year, 30% of our customer invests in Cerebro to develop smarter high-performance factories.
Cerebro works on any Brighi equipment and manufacturing process and is compatible with the other Automation Intelligence software (Domino and Callisto).

Is Cerebro right for you?

Here is a quick test of whether Cerebro is right for you:
Do you know your production progress in real time?
Are you planning production with spreadsheets?
Looking for solutions to predict downtimes?
Do you believe digitalization can improve your processes?

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