Callisto is the simplest, fastest, and most powerful way to monitor and improve your manufacturing processes.

What is Callisto?
Callisto is the digital platform developed to collect, process and share equipment and production data. Detailed. Accurate. Timely. Precise. One data foundation to drive daily and strategic change across all roles and responsibilities.

How Callisto can help your business?

The production data you need, exactly when you need it.
Immediately leverage the data Callisto collects with built-in reports like OEE, Down Time, Changeover, Top Losses, and Total Production Timeline.
Create custom dashboards and export files to organize exactly the information you want in exactly the way you want to see it. With over 50 metrics and more than 20 dimensions available in real-time and historically – you have a wealth of actionable information to mine.
And your data is not locked in a silo – you can export it to Microsoft Excel or any database (ERP, MES, etc) with a single click.

Main features:

  • view production and machinery data in real time;
    organize information in graphs, tables and dashboards;
    send the data to the management system (ERP, MES, etc.);
    create custom reports by keeping track of your stats and KPIs;
    share data with Brighi to speed up remote technical support.

With Callisto:

  • Operators focus on what they can improve in the next few hours. Get the line to speed.
  • Quickly react to down events. Meet the changeover target. Supervisors focus on driving improvement across days or weeks. Analyze a problematic part. Set shift targets. Use data to be proactive – not reactive.
  • Leadership focuses on change that spans months or longer. Launch a project. Set goals. Compare investment to results.

How does Callisto work?

Callisto is a Machine to Enterprise communication system composed of an hardware appliance, installed in the production line, able to collect data from each equipment and a software able to process and make the data available to the end users.
Users can access a web platform to visualize and organize the information the way they want to see it. Each user can customize dashboards, reports and diagrams and save settings for the future.
Access Callisto wherever you are, from you smartphone or your PC at home.
Callisto, always next to you.

Who’s chosen Callisto?

It’s installed on 75% of the Brighi lines sold every year, in 50+ countries.
Callisto works on any Brighi equipment and manufacturing process and it is compatible with the other Automation Intelligence softwares (Domino and Cerebro).

Is Callisto right for you?

Here is a quick test of whether Callisto is right for you:
Are you tracking production with spreadsheets?
Do you lack accurate or actionable data?
Do you have a system but it’s hard to use?
Do you want to improve your production flows but you don’t know where to start?

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