What is Callisto?

Callisto is our preventive maintenance software aimed at monitoring the condition of components and planning replacement only when necessary.

How does it work?

Callisto revolutionizes maintenance operations by simplifying and streamlining the entire process.

Through AI-powered planning features, it enables users to efficiently schedule and execute maintenance tasks, ensuring optimal equipment performance.  By constantly monitoring machine consumables and critical components, the software alerts users when parts reach 75% of their lifespan, when replacement is recommended, and then again at 100%. This continuous monitoring optimizes resource utilization, providing precise control over when parts require changing and enabling proactive preparation to save time and costs. To make the experience as efficient as possible, the user can provide input to Callisto by entering data about specific machine characteristics. Using machine learning capabilities, the algorithm learns a specific data set and the results to generate. In this way, it can, for example, request the replacement of a component even after 100% of its use.

Detailed statistics and forecasts, presented in intuitive dashboards, empower users with actionable insights to set up maintenance strategies in advance. Integrated with cameras, the software provides visual support for maintenance activities, accelerating issue resolution and minimizing downtime.

Main features:

  • Simplify and plan maintenance
  • Get statistics and forecasts organized in dashboards
  • Connect cameras to support maintenance
  • Accelerate troubleshooting
  • Detect machine problems before they occur


Is Callisto right for you?

Do you experience frequent production delays due to maintenance?

Do you want to simplify maintenance processes in your company?

Do you lack the data to make decisions regarding parts replacement?

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