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4 Configurations in 1 Equipment - Pre-Weighing and Filling System



The MAC-200/MAC-300/MAC-300D/MAC-400/MAC-600 machines belong to a family of blown filling systems with pre-weighing built with different configurations in terms of the number of baskets (scales) and fillers – all machines allow you to fill a wide range of pillows/cushions with a wide choice of materials. The products are blown through the inlet tower, equipped at the base with a roller dosing system to ensure material falls evenly into the silo buffer below; the silo in turn is equipped with a rotor at the base to keep the material in motion and avoid any clumping. A series of horizontal shutters allows the controlled fall of the product into the underlying baskets where it is weighed according to the selected recipe. Both the baskets and entire system are mounted on load cells so both the weight of the material inside the baskets and that in the buffer silo can be monitored at any time. Each basket is connected to the filler and to the weight correction and recovery system which intervenes if overweight by removing some material and recycling it in the buffer silo. A large touchscreen with intuitive, simple software and user interface allows the management of all system components and recipes.   


Cushions, pillows, multi-chamber cushions, sacks, body pillows.


Polyester fiber and microfiber (virgin and recycled), feather & down, shredded foam, wool and other natural materials, mixed with all the previous materials.


The only system on the market that lets you pre-weigh – with the same system – a wide variety of natural and synthetic loose materials with precision and accuracy.

Simplified management: touchscreen control panel for the automatic management of all parameters and mechanical adjustments, with adding and managing recipes with the product/material characteristics.

Flexibility: a wide range of materials and covers processed without the need for mechanical adjustments.

All filling materials: no restrictions on the type of cushion filling.

Deionizing bars in the input tower to eliminate process and weighing problems related to electrostatic charges.

Accurate pre-weighing and automatic weight correction and material recycling if filling overweight.

Different weights in multi-chamber cushions: the system is able to fill the different chambers of the upholstered components with different individual weights and in a different sequence. The fork tube designed for filling several chambers at a time significantly increases the operator’s performance.

Built-in dust collection system with filter fabric socks and bag holder with disposable collection bags.

Pillow stop clamps on the filler to allow a virtually hands-free process and management of two fillers by the same operator.

Suction table with direct recycling system of the material dispersed in the system for genuine material recovery otherwise lost and a cleaner working environment.

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    • OF-550


      Fiber opener
    • BF-300


      Ball fiber machine
    • SF-150


      Shredding machine
    • SF-300


      Opener for fabric, non-woven fabric, quilted fabric, and thermobonded waste
    • MX-500


      Storage and mixing machine for loose raw materials
    • previous machines


      later machines
    • G164C


      Special sewing machine
    • EB-500 EASY BAG

      EB-500 EASY BAG

      Automatic machine for packaging in bags and cases
    • EB-400 EASY BAG

      EB-400 EASY BAG

      Semi-automatic machine for packaging in bags and cases

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