Pillow shaking machine for product homogeneity control

The pillow shaker mod. SH-100 has been designed to shake cushions and pillows after being filled with loose raw materials or carded fibers. The cushion or pillow is clamped from the bottom where the material usually accumulates after the filling process and is shook to evenly distribute the padding and effectively fill the 4 corners for a more puffy and even looking product. The number and strength of the strokes can be set from the touchscreen on the machine and saved as a recipe for future processing.


Cushions and pillows with blown or carded padding.


  • Protection device: thanks to the protection devices in the gripping points, the treated products do not suffer any type of damage. In our project we have reproduced the same action done manually by the operator.
  • Strength and number of strokes: the two parameters can be adjusted according to the characteristics of the filling material, weight and size of the cushion/pillow for an excellent result.
  • Upgrade to XL version to handle an extended range of products (up to 140cm / 55in in length).
  • Simplified management: touchscreen control panel for the automatic management of all parameters and mechanical adjustments, with insertion and management of recipes with the characteristics of the product/material.
  • Flexibility: wide range of materials processed without the need for mechanical adjustments.
  • Any filling materials: no restrictions on the type of filling of the cushions/pillows.

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