Innovative manufacturing process for Foam Pillow Specialists

Uratex – Manila – Philippines

Uratex, leading manufacturer of sleep essentials in the Philippines, drastically boosted their pillow manufacturing efficiency with complete Brighi Lines.
The company is best known for the production of a multitude of world-class products, especially mattresses, foldables and futons, quality foam pillows and PU items for various industries, such as home furnishing, quality foam pillows and PU items for various industries, such as furniture, upholstery and automotive. In 2019 they installed the first Brighi pillow line for blown pillows, which allowed the company to go from 2 pcs/min to 8 pcs/min of bagged products; in 2020 Uratex doubled their investment installing another complete Brighi line to answer their increased pillow production needs, reaching a capacity of 30.000 pillows per day.
Fiber loading and opening, pillow blowing, stacking and packaging: the entire process is managed with semi-automatic and automatic machines, which allowed the company to reach an even higher level of sanitation and safety as the operator’s intervention is limited only to the filling process.
Having innovated their pillow manufacturing process, Uratex is now able to meet the different needs of the consumers and give them the best sleep experience.

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