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Carousel for cushion/pillow handling

This cushions/pillows handling system is composed of a belt conveyor and two roller conveyors and is designed to be integrated as an optional accessory to the machine HF-100 model for feeding various types of products such as cushions, pillows, polyurethane layers, folded quilts, stacked garments, stacked pillows, beds for animals etc., to the machine EP-400 EASY PILLOW model for latex pillows and EB-400 EASY BAG. With this accessory, a single operator can load the product on the carousel and then insert the cover or bag to carry out the lining or bagging.


PU & Latex Cores, Decorative Inserts, Pillows, Cushions, Multiple Tablecloths, Multiple Towels, Folded Quilts, Clothing, Soft Toys, Dog Beds.


  • A single operator feeds the product and packs it as if it were a line process, with a consequent increase in productivity.
  • Handling of products even with multiple stacking.
  • Being an optional module, it can be combined with machines mod. HF-100 and EP-400 EASY PILLOW also at a later time.
  • Flexibility: management of various types of products in the clothing, textiles, laundries, soft toys, animal beds, inserts of various kinds sector.

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    • CR-100

      later machines
    • HF-100


      Semi automatic stuffing / packaging machine for liners and bags
    • EP-400 EASY PILLOW

      EP-400 EASY PILLOW

      Easy pillow is a semi-automatic machine for stuffing, sewing and labelling cushions and pillows in rolled carded batt.
    • EB-400 EASY BAG

      EB-400 EASY BAG

      Semi-automatic machine for packaging in bags and cases

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