Step-by-step integration of stuffing and tufting machines for chair cushions

Suzhou Bohan – Jangsu – CHINA

Suzhou BoHan, producer of comfort products such as pillows, chair pads, decorative and outdoor cushions, accents, pet beds, padded toys and other textile items, implemented their equipment with a Brighi line composed of several stuffing and tufting machines, which led them to a 30% business increase each year.
From foam core stuffing to cushion tufting and packaging: these machines were developed according to BoHan’s needs, who was able to satisfy their international partners, such as Ikea furniture and home accessories, Rusta home goods and recreational retailer, Nitori Home Furniture, and many others with stable and reliable quality, competitive prices and an outstanding service.
The implementation of the new machines happened gradually and step-by step, supporting BoHan’s production plan of investing 5% of annual sales value in equipment upgrading and production innovation.
“Brighi is our long-term cooperation partner, offering us strong support in developing unique machineries and innovative solutions which help us win the competitiveness both in production and quality”. It is also through this partnership that BoHan strives to realize the vision of becoming a leader in comfort products.

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