Rolled Carded Fiber Pillow Manufacturing

Cinco C, leading manufacturer of garnet pillows, sheets, comforters and mattress protectors in the Dominican Republic, increased both capacity and quality with Brighi automated manufacturing and packaging machines.
Having the necessity to meet the market growing demand of high-quality products, Cinco C chose to automate the process of carded fiber pillows, memory foam pillows and blown pillows made of virgin, recycled fiber or specially customized blends.
The carded fiber line only needs one operator to position the cover on the stuffing unit. After that, the machine stuffs the carded batts inside the cover and sews it, all automatically.
The flat packaging machine uses bags of several sizes made automatically from tubular, which leads to a 15% plastic reduction. On top of that, there’s no need to stock different kinds of bags and that means less space, less investments and less waste for out of stocks.
The packaging thickness of the pillow can be reduced to few centimeters (adjustable size) without any damage to the product that gets its original soft shape once the package is opened. Thanks to this kind of flat packaging the transport costs are reduced allowing higher competitivity in the market.
The pick-and-place positions as many pillows as possible directly in a box or in a big sack.
According to the company, the main advantages of Brighi carded fiber line are: standardization of the output, fixed lead times, higher efficiency, more profitability and competitivity with lower costs of labour, plastic and transport freight.

Cinco C – Santo Domingo – Repubblica Dominicana

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