2023 is the year we have decided to bet on relations: the ones we have with our customers and the ones we want to establish with market leaders and trendsetters. It is from these relations that our ideas take shape and that’s why in 2023 we are taking part in the most important and international events in the industry with an exhibition space of over 450 sqm.

Up next are INTERZUM in Cologne with over 130 sqm of space filled with innovative solutions; ITMA in Milan with 150 sqm of specific machinery for home textile, packaging and recycling; FURNITURE MANUFACTURING EXPO in Hickory, NC with innovation in raw materials and upholstery. Finally, at the very end of 2023, we’ll be in Stuttgart for FOAM EXPO, where together with our Chemical Partners we will showcase all the novelties in the world of polyurethane.


Cologne, Germany
09 – 12 May
Hall 9.1, Booth A-018/B-019


Milan, Italy
08 – 14 June
Hall 9, Booth D101


Hickory, North Caroline, USA
19 – 20 July
Booth 1216


Stuttgart, Germany
05 – 07 December
Booth 540


Make your blend

Filling material processing is a key element to ensure the best results and to guarantee a better-quality output: resilience and softness at the same time. Our Project Managers will guide you in the choice of materials and blends, which will no longer be an issue as they are managed automatically by our software. Thanks to our technology, blends and end products will finally be consistent.

Customize your foam

Foam machine & chemical knowledge: this is what you need to make foam blocks and our foam division can provide both. On top of our batchblock production line and our Product Specialists, our partnership with Foam Industry Experts is what makes ours an all-around offer to achieve the density you desire.

And if you are looking to differentiate your product, you can learn about the advantages of bio-based foam in our brand-new blog, B-right.

Reduce, reuse, recycle

Discover our recycling solutions which are designed to develop a circular economy by transforming waste such as foam scraps and wadding into a new secondary raw material used to fill cushions, armchairs, sofas, mattresses and other upholstered items. This also leads to a significant reduction in raw material usage because only a minimum percentage is used in blends. It is also possible to produce rebonded foam from production scraps for mattresses, sofas and other applications.

Rethink your process

Our Project Managers work every day alongside customers from 60 different countries. With the knowledge gathered in over 50+ years of experience, they are able to study in depth every single process from raw material handling up to packaging to come up with a customized solution to significantly increase productivity and efficiency. This also means a complete line supplied by a single manufacturer with all the advantages that come from that, such as having an “open system”, with the possibility to implement it step by step over time.

Visits to production sites

Over the years we have developed strong partnerships with our customers, who are available to open their doors to us and our potential new partners to see Brighi machines up and running at a real production site. On top of that, during these visits it will be possible to see firsthand new products you can process with Brighi Equipment and have a discussion with Industry Experts.

Revolutionize your packaging      

When it comes to packaging, saving is the key word: not just plastic bag cost savings (up to $90,000.00 per year), but also a reduction in transport, warehouse and labor costs.

It doesn’t matter what type of packaging you are looking for (flat packing, roll packing, multiple packing etc.) and what kind of bag you want to use:  with our equipment you will be able to find an automatic or semi-automatic solution to suit your needs. Come and discover all of them in our booth!

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