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DOMINO - Connects the dots.


With Domino you can automate production processes and flows directly from the touch- screen of the line management console.

What is Domino?

Domino is the software that connects all the machineries and devices present in the
production process. The platform constitutes a single work environment through which it is possible to electronically manage and set the line flows and parameters of the individual machines.

How Domino can help your business?

Flows, machine parameters, line macro recipes, device status and much more.
Electronic management and control of your line from a single point is now possible.
Domino transforms single machines into a real interconnected and efficient production line.
The graphic interface is customized for each system in order to create a faithful virtualization and allow the user to carefully set the flows and quickly identify the points that require intervention.

Main functions: 

– Keep all your production processes running smoothly, taking the manual part out of machines and flows setting.
– Automatically Change flows and parameters
– Resolve issues with less intervention.
– Get the full picture of your production line.
– Manage different materials and input sources to create the right mixture

with Domino:

– The flows of pipes and conveyor belts can be managed with a click, without mechanical
interventions and production stops.
– The production line is always under control and the identification of the intervention point is
immediate, ensuring greater production efficiency.
– The parameters of the individual machines can be checked and set without having to
physically access each module of the line

How does Domino work?

Domino is a Machine to Machine communication system composed of an hardware
appliance, installed in the production line, able to collect data from each equipment and a software able to process and make the data available to the end users.
Domino, connect the dots.

The user accesses the virtual line through a touch panel through which he can view and set the data according to production needs.
Access Domino wherever you are, from your smartphone, tablet or PC

Who’s chosen Domino?

In the last two years, it was installed in the 92% of the Brighi lines sold in 50+ countries Domino works on any Brighi equipment and manufacturing process.
Domino is compatible with the other Automation Intelligence softwares (Callisto and

Is Domino right for you?

Here is a quick test of whether Domino is right for you
Production changeovers are killing your productivity?
Do you want to gain time in changing parameters?
Are you checking machines status walking on the production floor?
Do you want to improve the efficiency of your line?

Be in touch with us to learn more about Automation Intelligence made in Brighi.

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