With what to produce? What does the machine have to process? Everything starts from the raw material.

What are we working with? What is this machine going to process? It all begins with the raw materials. That is why our Brighi Research division is devoted to studying the  “ingredients” at the heart of the base production processes, to develop high-performance technological solutions that can work with many types of materials, whether natural, synthetic or recycled.
With this in mind, we collaborate with the top suppliers of raw materials to get ahead of the game in finding out about the most innovative products in the home textile sector so we can propose cutting-edge technologies to optimize production and bring out the best of each individual type of material. This means we can truly support customers who want to be at the forefront in implementing changes. But our research into raw materials does not stop there. We study solutions for packaging, to reduce the use of certain kinds of plastics for example, with an eye towards environmental sustainability. We also carefully select what our own machines are made of, to guarantee the best possible performance in terms of resistance, efficiency, productivity and energy-saving to give you a lasting, productive investment.

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