Five star

I’m Anthony Rueda and I’m the owner of Five Star Inc; we are located in Santa Fe Springs, California. With years of experience in the bedding industry we can offer a wide selection of true American made products. Thanks to our strategic investments in automation, we are capable of providing one-stop-shop services that will help our customers to save time and transportation costs, delivering on budget.

Our expertise and manufacturing quality have led us to be able to run a state-of-the art production plant, to create thousands of pillows per day for some of the biggest names in the industry. All our equipment are supplied by an Italian Company, BRIGHI, they have the highest innovation skills in the market and a great technical service, locally and remotely.

We are continuously investing in innovation, improving our manufacturing processes, products and our people. For this reason, we are becoming one of the leading pillow manufacturers in our Country.

Alessio and all the team are focused on customers satisfaction.

Location: United States of America