Suzhou Bohan

Step-by-step integration, an open project for the future Suzhou BoHan Household Suppliers Co., Ltd was setup in Aug2014, located in Suzhou Industry Zoo. We mainly focus on the development, production and sales of comfort products.  Products included pillow, chair pad, decorative cushion, outdoor cushion and kitchen textile.  BoHan continues satisfying the expectation of our international customers (eg Ikea, Rusta, Notori…..) with stable and reliable quality, competitive prices, outstanding service. Thanks to this approach we keep increasing business (over 30%) every year. BoHan continues to enforce modern management and advanced production systems., investing 5% of annual sales value in equipment upgrading and production innovation. With strategic cooperation with top machinery suppliers (i.e. Brighi…..),  We can integrate smart solutions for production efficiency improvement. Brighi is our long term cooperation partner, offering us strong support in developing unique machineries and innovative solutions which help us to win the competitiveness both in production and quality. BoHan believes in creating value for customer and benefits for the society, as well as offering new opportunities to employees. We adhere to people oriented and ensuring long term sustainable growth and development together with our partners. Together with Brighi, we strive to realize the vision of becoming a leader in comfort products.
Location: China